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Project Description

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Arcana.Contract aims at creating a complete, extensible Design By Contract framework. This library builds upon the community edition of PostSharp, which allows Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP) possible in .NET Framework. A Design By Contract allows specifications of pre-conditions and post-conditions and certain operational and business requirements applied declaratively without usage of imperative code. This allows more flexibility, re-usability, testability, documentary and centralized means of pre-conditions and post-conditions of operations, that must always hold true, which are called, contracts.

The milestone of this project, until a stable release, are the following:
  • A flexible framework for specifying basic and complex common contracts.
  • Ability to extend the framework with new contracts more easily.
  • Contract specification on abstract methods and interfaces.
  • Binding contracts using external models such as XML files.
  • Documentation tool to be integrated with Microsoft Sandcastle to enhance documentation.
  • Specifying contracts using scripts which can be supplied externally.
  • Introducing a query language for data transformation, binding, and contract specification.

Please visit documentation for more information and tutorials on aspect oriented programming, PostSharp, and this library.

We plan to release development releases to evaluate on the thoughts and design. However, Implementation of the above features is a milestone that we want to reach. For each development release, A thread is open to discuss the next features of development release. Everyone is welcome to participate in these discussions.

Nightly-Builds can be downloaded from:

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